Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yesterday at noon I snuck into a call room with two of my close friends, logged in to the National Residency Matching Program website, and to my shear pleasure, found out that I "matched" at the University of Louisville (where I am currently) for my critical care fellowship.  I know many of you do not know what this means..... basically, I have six months left of pediatric residency.  If I stopped there, I would be a general peds doctor.  However, I want to work in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) and to do so, I must do three more years of training.  Glutton for punishment?  Maybe. 

Nevertheless, I could not be more excited.  First, I have a husband that will support me through five to seven calls per month for next three years, love me even when I am not lovable, and be both a mother and father at times... (And calls do not mean I sleep at home and answer a pager... I wish.  I spend the night in the hospital and he is home).  Second, I love this city and the friends that I have made here and are staying here.  Third, I could not be luckier to be educated by an intimidatingly intelligent and challenging group of faculty. 

Yet, I am so scared....that I do not know enough, won't be good enough, can not balance work and family.... and at the same time, so ready to learn more, challenge myself even more. 

Frankly, I am just so blessed.  Erica took me out for Thai food the night before.  My friend Sarah brought me breakfast on match day as well as had cookies ready after it was final.  Kasey and Heather brought me cards (because they know of my love of cards).  My boys sent me flowers.  My medical student made butterscotch brownies since I am the only person who buys the butterscotch Lifesavers and she had hear about it.  I was flooded with texts and Facebook messages.  My nursing friends on the med-surg floor bought me great Mexican food and we had a little fiesta.  Shreep bought me a diet coke (very crucial and thoughtful!).  I was on call after the match so JT took my post call day off....we took the boys to a doc appt, had brunch at Wild Eggs, watched the movie Lincoln, and finished up the boys Christmas.  I am overly loved, if you will. 

I mean, it was just a great time.  Some would say "well why make such a big deal, especially if you were kind of, sorta sure you would match there?" A good friend even said as much. That is valid, I guess.  But it is a life changer.  A big decision.  A big day.  And I appreciate those who went out of their way to make my day special and made me feel loved. 

So there it is.  We are staying here in Louisville, at least until June 2016 that is! 


  1. Congratulations! What an amazingly huge accomplishment! And how awesome that you get to stay in Louisville, they must think very highly of you :) Great job and keep celebrating!