Sunday, October 28, 2012

Month of Change

 November is orphan awareness month..... This is the perfect opportunity to for those of you who want to do something to make a difference, help kids around the world, but adoption is not where you are at in your life right now.  This is a great way to teach your kids, if you have them, that even the smallest about of change can make an impact.

Eyes That See, which I have talked about before, runs an organization in Ethiopia where they help provide education and a meal each day to 200+ school children.  They have a child sponsorship program (we sponsor two of their children, one named Chernet). They also run The Keziah House....
"The purpose of the Keziah House is to rehabilitate women who are living in prostitution by providing a dormitory living space with intensive counseling and life skills. This program includes five months of accredited job training."

In November, Eyes That See does a project called Month of Change....You save your change for a whole month and at the end, you send the amount to Eyes That See that will go to support their programs in Ethiopia.  Despite our use of plastic money, we are doing it here.  I even asked people around my hospital to participate and I have many fellow residents, PICU nurse practitioner friends, PICU nurses, the hospitalists group....all are stepping up.

If you are interested, email me or email Eyes That See ( We would love to have as many people participate in their homes/jobs/wherever....Just make a jar/cup/container and start saving!

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