Monday, September 3, 2012

Brownies and Pictures

Because today was not a great day, I am reminding myself of the funny stuff that has happened, like these pictures taken yesterday.  Because it was not a great week, I took other people brownies  while they worked on a holiday.  Don't get me wrong.  I occasionally loathe in self pity (though I TRY not to) but I figure it is easier to make other people making them brownies and drinking diet coke together.  Or watching Chernet pop and lock like Chris Brown or Usher.  The little things, the special people, the ones make the little struggles a bit more bearable.  So I am thankful, even when some days are frustrating, for the people who make life better, lovelier, and at least will watch funny YouTube videos with you.  For husbands who do laundry and pre-pack lunches and bake muffins for the next day's breakfast.  And for kids, who despite the vast amount of time spent in time out, give raspberry kisses and dance like Usher and call me mommy.  This makes it worth it... And who really does not like brownies?!?!?!  Speaking of, watching Chernet's face as I watched him lick the bowl the first time was PRICELESS.

The outfits they put on when they woke up.

When we told him to get dressed for bed....

....and five minutes later

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