Wednesday, September 12, 2012

American Citizen & Ethiopian New Year

 Yesterday we received this important document!  I am not sure that you can see it, but it is Chernet's citizenship certificate.  Important Details: He is single :-)  What a random note.  And they gave him a few inches!  How cute is he!?!?!  We celebrated with our friends tonight over champagne. 

In other news, Ethiopian New Year is 9/11 (ironic, eh?).  We celebrated this past Saturday with our friends the Armstrongs, the Browns, and a new family to the adoption world, the Hoppertons.  Brittney and Donna cook the food....yes, the Ethiopian food.  My instructions: bring dessert and your Ethiopian serving dish.  I slept post night shift so the dessert did not happen and I FORGOT the dish.  I felt so guilty.  I really did.  JT finally looked at me and said,

"Natalie, people do not hang out with you for your cooking or domestic abilities.  Don't feel guilty."

I am not sure if this was a compliment but I think it is true.  Britt took several pics...again, not my gift (wonder what mine really is).... Enjoy!

Yes, rocking a Barbie car

The homemade Ethiopian food

My man sipping coffee....not dramatic at all

The whole gang

The coffee

So so happy to have injera

The kid loves sports

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