Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I wonder why I am so deserving, why my family is so deserving.... of love, of support, of friendship...  I wonder why God thinks I deserve such amazing people in my life.  I sat down to blog about all the amazing people at the airport, Lesley and Sarah who brought Chernet home, those that supported us throughout the adoption both financially and emotionally, and I was at a loss.  I was in awe at the shear number of people whose meetings and purposes have been carefully orchestrated to make my life better, easier, and more worth living.  I browse the pictures of our Both Hands Project and my work Christmas party and our airport homecoming and I am taken aback by the faces of people who support and love me....love us.

I am so undeserving and I think that may be why I am awestruck by it all.  I cuss on occasion.  I can be envious and I can be walled off and not open and introverted.  I can be impatient.  I do not deserve a major outpouring of love. I am a normal girl who just wants to be a great mom, friend, wife, person, and ICU doctor....it is that simple.  Nevertheless, I have been surrounded with such great love and despite my deserved-ness (not a word, clearly) of this love, I am grateful more than I can articulate, more than I can write, and especially more than I could ever say to your face without being awkward.  (I don't emotional/sappy/whatever you call it well face to face.)

Below are pictures that so many people took at the airport (if you are my facebook friend, these are the same ones).... I mean seriously.. who are are these crazy people that stayed at the airport till after one AM...why do they love us, our kids so much....I will never understand but I am thankful nonetheless.  (also check out our friends pics at her blog: http://ashleyglassphotography.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/chernets-homecoming/)

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