Tuesday, July 10, 2012


After much back and forth and airline costs and such, we booked tickets to get Chernet.  Lesley, from our agency, will travel to Ethiopia on July 15.  Embassy will be July 18th.  She will land back in Louisville with Chernet on Sunday, July 22.  Yes.... you read correctly...12 days....  We are stoked.

We have friends there now staying at the guest house who keep sharing such cute pics of our boy and his friends!  I mean, who wouldn't be excited to get pics of this face?


  1. He's adorable!!! So happy for you! :)

  2. He is SERIOUSLY cute! I cant' wait to see a photo of him in your arms. So happy that the travel plans worked out..Enjoy the countdown- 12 days will fly by!
    P.S. He needs to replace the Broncos sweatshirt with a Packers sweatshirt...you already have the cheesehead...