Monday, May 21, 2012

Who we are.....

So we have been getting more blog traffic lately so I thought this was an appropriate time for this post....I wanted introduce or re-introduce me, us and really what we are all about....It is only a little snapshot so if you want to know more (which you probably don't at all) let me know.... so, if you know us, feel free to skip this.  If not, welcome! 

Our Family~
We are currently a family of 3, Natalie, JT and Tedi, but we are waiting to bring home our second son, Chernet.  We are using Lifeline Adoptions and love them!  We are huge adoption advocates....HIV adoptions, international adoptions, domestic..... we support and encourage it all... We attend The Avenue Church, which is a church plant on the campus of the University of Louisville geared at reaching college kids.  With that, we are some the oldest members.  JT is an elder at the church and Tedi is quite a hit! 

As stated above, JT is an elder as our church.  He works for Family and Children's Place as the assistant development is an organization that offers services and such for children who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse.  JT is fundraiser for their programs and loves his job.  In addition to this, he helps coach an AAU team in the spring.   If you have questions about adoption from a men's perspective or our church, please feel free to email him at

I am finishing my second year as a pediatric resident at Kosair Children's Hospital, the children's hospital in Louisville, KY.  While my job requires much of time and energy, I can not think of doing anything else.  I work crazy hours but love my boys, my friends, my family like crazy.  I love talking about adoption of all types, educating families about the medical aspects of adoption, and really answer any questions in general.

Tedi & Chernet~
These are our boys.... Tedros "Tedi" Henderson is our first son and he is five years old.  He will start kindergarten in the fall here in Louisville.  He loves soccer and running but has little love for basketball or baseball, breaking his father's heart.  Chernet, our second son, should be coming home from Ethiopia late July or August of this year.  From our first meeting, he is rambunctious, loving, and a little mischievious.  We can not wait to add him to our family. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about adoption, HIV or otherwise!

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