Friday, May 18, 2012

So What's Next????

~ We passed court and officially became Chernet's parents on May 9, 2012 (I don't think I mentioned that we passed court for Tedi on May 10, 2010...pretty cool). 

~ So happens now.... well our court documents and decree have to be translated from Amharic,     
  Chernet has a formal medical evaluation, and all of our and his documents are compiled and  
  submitted to the United States Embassy for review and visa.

~ When will he be home....  the short answer is we do not know.  He has a living birth grandparent
   that the embassy may want to speak with (completely okay by me).... it is taking anywhere   
   from four weeks to four months with the average of 3 months-ish.... So, we don't know when he
   will be here but we hope it is sooner rather than later

~ In the meantime.... we are trying to arrange for someone to pick up the boys in the fall after school
  from two separate elementary schools (interested?) We will work like crazy...organize Tedi's  
  room to make room in all the toys for a brother.  I will be applying for my pediatric intensive care  
  fellowship in July.... that is what we will do while we wait.  Oh yes, and continue to encourage
  everyone else to adopt, advocate, fight, DO...

Can you find my boy? A lovely gift from a friend who was in Ethiopia a few days after us.

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