Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This was posted by our adoption agency today on Facebook.  (We are with Lifeline Adoption but our in country placing agency is West Sands Adoption in Ethiopia....)

Attention Adoptive Families - We have several HIV+ waiting children ready to be matched to their forever family. If you are interested in learning more about adopting an HIV+ child please let us know. We have a sweet (just turned) 4 year old boy, 6 year old girls, 8 year old boys, and a 12 year old girl with mitral valve prolapse. We also have healthy siblings - boy 8 years old & girl 6 years old. Please help us spread the word, to find these children's families....We know they are out there. :)

A post very similar to this in early March changed the course of our adoption, the course of our lives.  We said "yes" to HIV adoption of our son Chernet... our journey is just beginning.  Let me tell you....these kids need homes just like the cuddly, cute babies.  That is not a knock on the babies...I don't worry about babies not being adopted.  I worry about these kids.  My husband, as we speak, wants to shake me.  He won't deny it...and he tells me "Natalie, we can't adopt everyone."  I keep thinking...just one more. 

Sadly, he is right.  Despite my longing, my desire for another, there will always be ONE MORE.  In truth, I can not save every child......For now, I am working on the peace of realizing I can not save every one of them.  (If you are interested in these kids....seriously, email me. nataliehenderson21@yahoo.com. I will direct you to right place.)

Mother Teresa seemed to have it right.... She said many things that became famous...but the quotes below, they keep me in knots...these quotes, along with the faces from last week, keep me sharing the same story and advocating for ONE MORE....maybe, just maybe, it will encourage someone else to subtract ONE MORE.

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one."

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."

"One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody. "

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