Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meeting Chernet

We did not even realize that the car moving Chernet from the orphanage to the transition home pulled in behind our van.  Our agency's guest home is attached to the transition home so that when you arrive for court or embassy the child is in the transition home.... this is nice because you can see them daily.  We woke each morning to noise of the children playing (and the Orthodox Christian calls to prayer)...

When I met Tedi, it was at the end of a jet way as he held his father's hand.  I missed that first week of bonding in Ethiopia due to work.  However, that moment was no less special than the one with Chernet.  I have never given birth, yet these moments of first meeting my sons, are irreplaceable.  Meeting them was not preceded by physical pain and tears but rather emotional roller coasters and months of waiting and work...  How blessed I am to have these boys, to be their mom. 

Chernet instantly began playing with us....both with blocks, basketball, soccer, and eating our breakfast.  It was a great first morning as parents of two children.... I can not even imagine the noise level that is going to happen so very soon in our home.... Between Tedi's continuous talking and Chernet's activity level, it should be interesting. 

Enjoy a few more pictures of our first day together....

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