Saturday, March 10, 2012

Both Hands.... It Happened Today!

Today was the day!  We loaded up all of our donations, met our friends, and worked at a widow's home.  In case you missed the is how it worked:

We decided to adopt: For us, an Ethiopian boy

We found a widow: Miss Mildred

We put together two teams: We put together a work team (our laborers for today).  We put together a letter sending team (this team asked for people to sponsor them, and us, as we worked on the project....much like being sponsored for a run-a-thon or golf-a-thon)

We sought donations for the project: Lowes, three Home Depot locations, Chick fil A, Jason's Deli, Costco, Brownsboro Hardware, Waste Management, and Sherman Williams all gave supplies for today.

We worked:  Today more than fifty people showed up to help us declutter, paint, fix plumbing, do yard work and much more at Mildred's home.  We partnered with another adoptive family, The Wallaces, because the volume of work was so great at the home.  They are also fundraising separately from us.  We worked our tails off!  Our friends loved on Mildred and had a great time together. 

Now, we pray for donations:  That letter sending team....well we sent about 350 paper letters and 500 email/facebook messages regarding sponsorship.  All the money sponsored for us goes directly to our adoption costs.  We have a substantial referral fee to pay as well as the travel costs.  Since our referral for our son came so quickly (story coming soon), the fees are upon us much more quickly.  If you are interested in supporting our project and adoption, please check out our Both Hands page. 

We will be posting a video of the project in the next few days.  For now, check out these pictures!  They are just a couple of shots of all the people having lunch, courtesy of Chick fil A and CostCo!  Again, we are so blessed with such amazing friends.  I just can't get over the outpouring of love from our friends....from church, from each of our workplaces, old friends from 90 miles away, our parents, and more... That is the biggest lesson..... the blessing of people God puts in your way.... our friends, the widow (Mildred), her family, our son, each other.  How could we really do life without one another?

Me and Emily, one my oldest and dearest friends. She is a Rock in my world.

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