Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sitting at the Bar

When we were waiting for Tedi to come home, even after having a referral for him, the place I missed him (without knowing him) was in the car.  JT and I would travel from Somerset to Louisville, or even around town, and wonder what it would be like with a 3 year old chattering in the back.  The silence, at that time was palpable.  It makes me giggle now because there is SOOO much chatter in our two small cars. 

Now, I have notice the absence of our second child each morning during January and February as I fix Tedi breakfast.  I am normally at work an hour or two before JT and Tedi even begin stirring for the day but the last two months have afforded me rotations that allow me more family time.  Our condo has a bar with perfect space for two bar stools.  As I pass Tedi his breakfast across the bar, I can't help but look at the empty stool with longing.

I realize the journey has really just started as we have been waiting a very short time on the referral list.  Definitely this time around, we are so distracted with jobs and life and much busier than last time, thankfully.  It takes away the minute by minute anguish, but not the occasional pangs... 

To stay distracted, we are moving forward with our Both Hands project..... more to come on that soon..


  1. Natalie, I know exactly what you mean! It is so weird to miss someone you've never met. I'm praying for you all as you wait!

  2. Praying that this precious boy will also call me and leave me adorable messages on Valentine's Day. Love you and your family. I can not wait for that stool to be filled!