Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Real Deal

If we are lucky, we will have many people in our world who are the "real deal."  People who are there....through the med school graduations and multiple moves and poor times and let's eat out times.  I am lucky.... The Henderson family is blessed with many "real deals" in our world.  Friends who stick by us and support us, no questions asked (well maybe a few) Well, today we were blessed to spend the day (like eight hours) with the Fox Family.  Emily and I made our ornments while the men hung out and the kids ran laps around the house....the evolution of a friendship from college dorm sleepovers to referee-ing our childrens tattling and fighting and painting adoption fundraiser really has been a beautiful friendship.  I love this girl and her family.  She spent her Sunday, normally dedicated to her husband and family, helping ME make ornaments for adoption #2.  We made a huge dent in production and had lots of fun!  Check out Em's pictures below of our work.  Email me if you are interested!

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