Friday, September 2, 2011

Next Stop...... Vice President

As I posted yesterday, Tedi went before Judge Paula Sherlock to become legally our son in America and to be an American citizen....allowing him to get a passport.  Passport = Fun Vacations!  It was a special day for our family and I am so glad our friend Elizabeth was there to capture the moments for us.  What a great job she has done with our family pictures in the past and yesterday's special moment.  Tedi was very well behaved and followed instructions.  I think he really liked getting to use the judge's gavel. 

Now my boy can not be President of the United States according to the Constitution, but he could be a Senator or even Vice President.....if he so chooses.   Regardless, yesterday made it possible.  He is ours, yet again.  Below are quite a few pictures from Elizabeth.  Enjoy because pics are the best part

 This really is my son!
Banging the Gavel


 With Judge Sherlock

 With Ms. Jessica, the guardian at litem attorney

 with Elizabeth

 with his new Nemo toy from Judge Sherlock
 Nemo and Daddy fist bumping

Stay tuned for some big updates coming soon!

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