Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fab Friday: Organization Style

In my quest to get organized, I could not afford the wall organization system designed by Pottery Barn... So I thought I could do a few things to be MORE organized.  Though some are repetitive, at least I am trying and making an effort.  Maybe in another year, I will get there....

1) Dry Erase Board: Hanging in our kitchen is a board similar to this.  We do not keep it up as we should.  It serves more for funny quotes for friends and grocery lists....but it was a start.
2) Lilly Pulizter Agenda:  In college, I kept a planner that they gave us at orientation.  Then I stopped...but I gave my friends a hard time about theirs.  My friend and Tedi's babysitter, Taryn, is a fan of the Lilly Pulitzer agenga, shown below.  Not just are their cute designs but the insides are super functional.  I am hoping to buy one very soon....I may even steal the design of the one she picked.

3) 3 Ring Binders: Simple but so helpful.  My friend at work, Cathy, was always giving a hard time about being successfully unorganized.  Well, since I have started my research for residency, I have invested in a three ring binder.... and it has helped with containing my research and such. 

4) This Man:  Yes, I admit it.... JT is part of the reason I keep it together.  He is mosly organized at home and subperbly at work...Even tonight, he made me rearrange the living and move our desk into the living room....and made it work.  I love him, even when his organization drives me nuts... :-)

5) Google Calendar:  Until I get my hands on a planner (see above), I will settle for google calendar.  It is quite handy and even provides pop-ups on the ole' cell phone. 

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