Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have not known what to write lately..... well that is false.  There has been tons to write about but I never seemed be able to put it into type.  There are times when I find writing cathartic and sharing important....and others where I need to sit upon the feelings...mulling them over in my head....times like these when I am contemplating the loss of a dear patient and another family member, witnessing harsh abuse, and trying to make life decisions, both professional and personal.  Theses combinations cause silence....that is where I have been.  Absently present in my own head.

We have not been up to much in the Henderson house otherwise......well other than me working nights (ED and moonlighting) while JT makes everything run.  He is so good to me.  I promise to blog more very soon...I have some good ideas saved up 


  1. We miss you!!! I have lots to update you on... Too much for a blog comment. Let's try to chat soon so we can catch up! Hang in there Natalie!!!

  2. Love you and your quiet head. We clearly are one in the same....except my head is loud...I just keep it all inside.