Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Organization Wanted.....Needed

 So, let's be real.  I am not organized.  It has even turned into a joke on my NICU rotation.  I still do my work efficiently without issue, but I am not the girl with the 3-ring binder, divided into sections for each patient.  I am not the person with an organized office.  I do not have a closet system....my clothes are a HOT MESS in the bedroom floor.  Tedi's toys are pseudo-organized.  My car, well, that is a different story.  Just ask my dad. 

Well, I am trying to slowly morph into a more organized person for multiple reasons.....to pay bills ahead of time, to avoid messes on our entry table, to coordinate our ridiculous schedules, to be a better mom and wife, and to just feel better each day when I walk into our house...  Sarah had Pottery Barn catalogs and I caught a glimpse of the below pictures....  I can not afford these but they are beautiful and, in theory, they would make my organizational world better.... maybe I can piece these together, TJ Maxx and gifted style, along the way....  (but I did organize books, mail, and my bathroom storage tonight...so there is a start.  Goal for this week: clean the car to find Dr. Franco's video, put up dad's wine from the car, and organize the closet)
I will welcome these as a wonderful gift :-)

And this, or something similar, is definitely something that will be present in my future organized house.....but this is just for being "home-y" 


  1. Getting organized is not half the problem THAT staying organized is (for me anyway). This is more the case for me at work than home. I just accumulate more crap faster than I can do something with it. At home mail is the worst, followed by my closet (I like your descriptor: a hot mess haha) :)

  2. just think what kind of words would have been on that chalk board behind the couch if we had that growing up...