Sunday, June 26, 2011

Erasing Hate

As I write this, JT and I are watching an msNBC documetary about a former skinhead racist with body-covering tattoos.  Tonight is the first night this special aired but the link,, (or watch the clip below) shows a clip and small article about the documentary.  Please check this out.  I find it unfathomable that such deep seeded hate exists in the heart of anyone.  It is both an eye-opening and interesting story while showing the slow redemption of someone once consumed by hate.  I also feel convicted because I am so guilty to look at someone like the man featured here, with his face covered in tattoos, and instantly judge without knowing him....knowing his story.  So while it is easy to sit and judge this man and this culture, it also forces you to look inward.  I would normally say "enjoy" but rather, this time "learn".

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