Friday, April 22, 2011

Talking with Tedi

Tedi: mommy, you broke the lights.  Kitchen light and Bedroom light!
Me: no, I did not.
Tedi (emphatically): you tell me the trufth. You broke lights and that is not nice to boys!
Tedi: that was a very very bad girl!
Me: I am telling the truth. I didn't break it.
Tedi: you did and I am telling the trufth. We have to get new light you broke.

Tedi: I tell you my secrets (whispered). Jesus loves you and tedi loves you too....
(This comes from his bedtime routine.  JT tucks him in nightly, mostly because I am gone at work, and tells him two secrets....that Jesus and Daddy loves him..  I love seeing how he gets it now.)

In the movie theatre watching Rio, there are human characters scantily dressed...specfically one girl in a bikini-like costume.  Out loud in the theatre, pointing, Tedi says:
"Mommy, she is NAKED."

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