Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Challenge

A couple of weeks ago my friend Emily posted an Easter Challenge....  give up the "Easter" church outfit, white sandals, and sweater vests and give your money to a good cause....Feeding Children, adoptions, causes that matter and make a difference.  Well, I am challenging you and your church.  I think Janie and Jack, Macy's, Target, (fill in favorite store) can do without your business this year.  Emily's family supported Feeding the Orphans as did a church in her hometown.  We chose several different organization to represent during this year (JT and Tedi's tshirt pics are below).  So, I would love to see pictures if anyone else does this... ( I know, it is scary.  You should see some my past Easter dresses and JT's outfits growing up.... But isn't GIVING BACK what the death of Christ is really about, not what we wear.  I mean, the dresses are cute (from the person who stares at the little girls' clothes as I walk to the one rack of boys' clothing), but kids sitting in orphanages waiting for the families to bring them wanting food but having none.... that is what this life is all about.  Buying a tshirt and then rocking it out in CHURCH is simple and small but is more of us did it, what a difference we could make.

Tedi in his Ordinary Hero tshirt

JT got this shirt (man version) from Project Hopeful


  1. Oh, I love this idea!!! Do you mind if I put this blog post on my facebook page??? (if not, please feel free to say no. it would just save me some time in typing it out myself! :-)

  2. Absolutely! Feel free to copy and paste any blog of mine you want!