Monday, April 4, 2011

9 Months Home

Yesterday marked the ninth month of Tedi coming to the US to be our son....I can not tell you how time flies.  For families waiting through the adoption process, I was in tears more days than not this time last year.  So I feel your pain and angst when I say, many of those pangs are fleeting once they are home. 

I should have listened to my mom...(yes I admit it) and written down more of the funny, cute, unforgettable yet ultimately forgotten stories.  Despite this failure, I must say that as Tedi has grown 4 inches and 5 pounds in the last nine months I have grown as a person....I have learned so much. 

I have learned.....
.....that boys are loud and messy and don't listen well and are dirty and want to touch "it" all the time, but love to cuddle with their mommy and so much fun

.....that being called mommy is worth more than being called doctor could ever be

.....that I will always feel less than adequate but with a little prayer and support from others, I am figuring it our one day at a time

.....I sound a lot more like my parents than I would like to admit.

.....Buzz Lightyear is a great babysitter for adult "alone" time

.....doing dishes and making beds are not as important as building tunnels and working puzzles and hiding

.....patience is not something I was born with but am slowly developing, I think

.....I love my work, but get much more joy from time with T

.....our world and the worlds of our family/friends have been drastically changed by this one boy

.....I laugh more each day when we put Tedi to bed (after he falls asleep on the couch) than from any other single thing I do

.....that I will adopt again, I will not set limits on God and I will have faith

.....that adoption is the best example of God's love story for us

9 Months Ago

 (he truly has changed our world...and I think that of others)

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