Sunday, March 20, 2011


~ from Kung Fu Panda

Yesterday afternoon JT, Tedi and I went to the airport to welcome home two families and their newly adopted children from Ethiopia.  In my typical way, no tears were seen but I was welling up on the inside.  It is a beautiful moment, despite the yelling secuity guards making the 50+ people to move back.  I get this ache each time I am at airport watching new families come ache that I can not quite treat with rest or distance or staying away.  It is the feeling of needing to do more....and yet I am not sure what more is.  Is it adopting again (yes but when) or giving more $$ or speaking out more or blogging more or .....  Thankfully I have a few Godly reminders in my life that set me straight me and remind me.... "there are no accidents.." translated to Christianity....God's timing is better than ours....He works out the smallest details in our lives and thus can work out the biggest...  So Master Uguay had it right "there are no accidents". 

There is so much more on my heart to write about now, but I am not quite ready to put it in writing.  For those of you who have emalied me about praying for your adoption process, I am doing so daily as are the friends in bible study.  Please do not hesitate to continue emailing me.  I know the road is long and stressful and I have been there.  (

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