Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making a Difference: Blog Style

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Ghandi

In my struggle to "make a difference" in this world, I have come to the realization that by blogging regularly and doing so about real topics, both encouraging and difficult.... about adoption and life in general, that I can start making a difference in a small way. Even when I feel that I am not doing "enough" in other ways, I can do this. Maybe I will never know who it helps but all I can do is try.....try and be real, be honest, be passionate. I have heard from so many people that they read this little blog, though they do not comment....and if you do not comment, no worries. Keep stopping by, hopefully taking something away with you or sharing with others.

Here are the plans I have coming for the blog...I wanted to do several mini topics. Of note, when I write about such things, please know I do not consider myself an expert, a gifted writer, or sufficient mother. I feel highly inadequate on the regular and am seeking the face of my Savior for help more times than not.... So here they are:

Living for Others, Living for God:
(many of these will have overlapping messages)
1) Encourage Others
2) Serve Others
3) Give to Others
4) Love Others

Adoption Fundraising, Revisited:
1) Making a Plan, Enlisting help
2) Dare God
3) Ideas Ideas
4) Paying it Forward
*I would love people to email their fundraising ventures over for the paying it forward day so that I can share them with my readers.

God's Family Tree:
1) Roots: The major players...your past, your presen.t
2) Trunk: Relationships needed to survive adopting.
3) Fruit: What will your family look like to the world?
4) Branches: Who will your family reach?

**Don't Worry, I will still mix this up with a few guest blogs, funny Tedi stories, general life in the crazy Henderson world and of course pictures. These are 12 involved posts that I hope to share between now and July 3.... Why? July 3rd is Tedi's first Gotcha Day anniversary and I think that is an apt day to celebrate and an appropriate day to be talking about who your family will reach.

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