Friday, March 11, 2011

Henderson's Week and Ethiopia Thoughts

1) I would like to comment on Ethiopia.  Yes, there are rumors coming out that they are going to drastically cut the processing of adoptions coming out of Ethiopia.  If I were still in the process and waiting for Tedi to come home, I would be an emotional basket case.  I was a crazy lady last year when they began talking about extending the trips and adding two trips and the mess that was last year.  Having tread the waters through international adoption, I want to offer encouragement and families who are in process, thinking about adopting or somewhere on either side....  When we and you are called to international adoption, or adoption in general, ease is not something that is promised.  Simplicity and a flat fairway are not in the cards.  But we are not called in vain....God wants His orphans to be cared for and while it may not make sense and while I know it is easier for me to write about it while my son sleeps in the next room, please know I have walked the road, am praying for you, and mostly praying for the best interest of "the least of these" to be the primary concern of everyone involved.  If you would like our family to keep you in our prayers by name, please shoot me an email ( and let me know!  We would love to support you during uncertain, stressful times. 

2) Though I do not often talk about my work, or really ever, I had the opportunity yesterday while on call to tell a family and a teenage boy that his cancer was in remission.....a small victory in his long, arduous road.  I got cold chills when I got the news and felt giddy as I said the words.  I was holding back happy tears.  Mixed into a very stressful day, this news made my heart smile.

3) Tonight we took Tedi to our friend's horse farm...  He loves Bullseye, the horse from Toy Story, and just finished a lesson on farm animals at school.  So tonight with some down time (and a new "premie" horse was born today) we headed out to the Lauer's farm.  Tedi was a nervous wreck at first....scared to touch the horses or feed them peppermints.  He liked watching Elizabeth and Abby feed the little horse with a bottle.  We then went to see other young horses where he finally decided to pet one...Cupcake.  He was so excited!  I am anxious to hear how he retells the stories tomorrow once he wakes up!  Plus, JT has not been in too many barns in his lifetime, so he had fun too!

4) So excited for a busy weekend....going with Jacqueline to pick up her wedding dress tomorrow and spending time with her family...visiting with my mom and her friend tomorrow night.... One of my besties, Emily, and her family are coming to Louisville, visiting our church with us, and taking Tedi home with them to spend two nights and play with his friends Stella and Vivian....Emily is braver than I am...thankfully she will discipline him and won't let him get away with anything!  Plus, he loves Mr. Jason! After church on Sunday, my bible study girls are coming over...we have added two new people so it should be fun...appetizer night!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Stay tuned... I plan to do several upcoming posts on fundraising....(taking questions and suggestions)  Plus I have a few friends working on their guest blogs!  Fun fun!

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