Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I usually don't post lots of videos (other than ones I make of pictures). I finally watched this after seeing it on several blogs and facebooks. I just love the end of it when they take off their shirts.... WAIT. That sounds wrong.....when they show their t-shirts...because it is true. Whether we are living with family in which we were conceived or the one that brought us into their home.....It is where we are loved that is HOME. And who loves us that is FAMILY... . We are, thus, all Adopted, in many ways, but also by Christ. Watch and think....Watch and Enjoy...


  1. Maybe I always loved this song because one day I would see this video... :) And I would adopt some babies....I mean. Who knows.... :)

    (Please read this to yourself with the proper Elizabeth voice + inflection)

  2. Agreed Natalie. Such a good visual of what it means to be adopted. Also, I'm so encouraged by your blog as we journey through the process of adopting...