Thursday, March 3, 2011

8 Months Home

Can you believe it?  I know that I can't..... Honestly, tonight, we did not even realize it had been eight months.  I went to update the blog and realized it was March 3.... Eight months ago I picked up Tedi and JT at the airport.  I gave him his first bath, read him his first bedtime story, and he ate a piece of Mediterranean pizza from Papa Murphy's.  Tonight, we took Tedi to the waterfront to play on the playground...though he preferred to just run....we finished the night with a little Kung Fu Panda, tilapia and cuddling on the couch. 

JT and I sat tonight laughing and almost crying about how far Tedi has well as us as parents...  I remember him standing in the hallway at night, staring into our room and making this sad noise.. to now, running down the hall screaming "My mommy, my daddy, WAKE UP!" He was quiet and withdrawn for several days... and now, well now, that is not the case. 

I thank God each day for my little blessing, for the gift of Tedi and what he does done for so many people....  You can not be down or sad or question the mere existence of God once you have been with Tedi.... We are so blessed .... there are days that are more difficult than others but I am enjoy the lessons we are learning on the way...

Our first book.... "You are My I Love You"
Our First Family Picture 7/3/2010

8 Pictures for 8 Months home (taken yesterday by Elizabeth)

OH, how things change...

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