Saturday, January 22, 2011

When Mommy's Away

1) The night before I was on call I was wantin to spend so much time with Tedi.  However, at 8:30p he fell asleep on his daddy's lap like this.I won't lie before I put him in his bed I let him lay with me and cuddle for 10 minutes.  Nothing is better than feeling his chest rising and falling arms. 
"He laid on my chest & her breathing filled me almost to beyond what I could hold."

2. Tedi stayed with his Aunt Neece on Friday while JT and I both went to work.  Aunt Neece has two dogs, Maggie, a big chow mix, and Riley, a Yorkie.  Tedi loves to play with Riley.  Well, when Neece came out of the bathroom, she found Tedi in Riley's cage trying to get Riley to get in the cage with him..... He is so silly.  (As you can see it is not latched)

3.  I continued to work but JT and his brother Daniel (Neece's husband) went to visit their 95 year old grandmother.  JT's mom and Tedi's Granna, Sharon, was at Mamaw's house for the weekend.  Tedi was so happy that she played cars with him "kind of".  Because Sharon was staying with her mother, we are keeping one of their dogs, Asia.  Keep reading below

4.  Asia was our dog.  We adopted her from the Hendersonville, TN animal shelter one month after we were married in 2003.  However, when I moved to the Caribbean, but more so when we moved to NYC, Asia stayed with Granna and Pop, JT's parents.  Well, they fell in love with her and Asia loves that there is someone there almost all the time.  When Tedi first came home, he was terrified of all dogs.  Each day was progress.  Fast Forward to this weekend.  He informed us that "his Asia" was coming to stay with us.  Below they are watching TV together.  JT overhead him say "Asia you can sit there.  That is mommy's seat but she at work."

5.  Next JT looked up to see Asia and Tedi looking out the window.  Tedi said "That is Daddy's car.  Mommy's car at work."

6.  Just before bed, JT looked down to see Tedi and Asia sharing his Crystal Light popsicle.  He is a mess.  Now, you can see, he loves this dog...

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