Monday, January 31, 2011

Adoption T-shirts.

Valentine's Day is approaching as is my birthday shortly thereafter and there are few shirts out there that I really like.  This is JT's (and whoever else) not so subtle hints.  This is not that I do not love other shirts or am not supporting others.  These are just ones out there I support for friends' adoptions and others floating out there that I want to get my hands on...just a disclaimer

Feeding the Orphans
My friends over at just put out their new shirt to support their feeding program in Ghana.  My main attraction: COLOR.  I love green.  Well, honestly, I love any adoption t-shirt that is colored because so many are brown, white or black.  So the green really grabbed me! 

Below are the Ordinary Hero family.  I love their shirts (esp the blue but they are out of it currently)  I have been looking at these shirts for months and months.  Love them!! 

Happy Valentine's Day from my 147 gals!
These ladies have the best stuff.  It is normally more than I will pay.  However, this shirt is so special.  Check out their website for the awesome story.  All the proceeds go towards Project Hopeful and HIV adoption awareness.

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  1. I do like the green one too. Once I thought about it, all my shirts are brown and black! :)

    Like you, I have had my eye on the new 147 shirt.