Monday, December 13, 2010


I will admit it... I was reluctant at first.  I did not want to read it.  I even told JT that I did not have time or the interest.  I was wrong.  I just read Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman over the weekend, and was both moved and changed.  She wrote a poignant recollection of her life, her adoptions, marriage, subsequent loss of her daughter,Maria, and her family's recovery thereafter.  I am not a "cry-er" but tears streamed down my face as I read about the death of her daughter, the strength of her friends to hold her up, and the words of her other children as they struggled  through their loss.  Her point of "SEE"-ing is wrapped up in multiple details of her book and overall story that I won't spoil.  However, in reading her words, I have been forced to reflect upon what I need to SEE in my world and what GOD is wanting me to SEE.

So what do I feel that God is wanting me to SEE now in my life...
1) If I trust Him, He can help to change me...specifically with my weight, an area with which I have struggled. This has been a perpetual battle for me since childhood.  I won't go into it much here...but I feel that God is really trying to show me stuff in a twofold manner... to love myself, His creation, regardless of my appearance AND to allow Him to help ME make a change...

2) After reading this book, I realize that in order to fully SEE all that is in store for me I must be more readily reading the Bible.  In the book, she talked about her dear friend speaking scripture over her as they laid in bed and wept.  Being vulnerable, I can say that I could not effectively do that if I had a friend in need. 

3) Although everyday I am blessed to be Tedi's mommy there are times of frustration of disciplining and life.... Her tale vividly and regretfully displaced the need to soak in each moment, and SEEing the little details of life as blessings.. This is not always easy, even when we are blessed and know it.  But the challenge has been issued.

I encourage you to read this book, even if you are reluctant.  I challenge you to be challenged.

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