Wednesday, December 15, 2010


For those that know I am not great at cooking or baking.  Honestly, I really want to be.  My mom is a fantastic cook, and I wish I had both the skill and desire to cook. Yet, I decided to buy sugar cookie mix, icing, sprinkles and ornament sugar decorations and make cookies with Tedi.  I got off early from work, so I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend a full afternoon with Tedi..  We decided to make cookies....though messy and not beautiful, we had tons of fun singing from Mariah Carey's Christmas album, dancing and licking the spoons!  It has been so much fun...and I am so thankful for days like today.   Here are a few pics from this great day... Lets just hope the weather holds off.

 singing "Santa Clause is coming to town"
 with our cookies

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