Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday
(read cautiously)

Today.  One day each year that SOME churches and SOME Christians acknowledge the plight of orphans...orphans here in America, usually by circumstances their parents create, rarely death and abroad, often by death, un-education, and lack of resources.  Weekly we talk about building funds and AV equipment and our potluck calendar and argue over who is on what committee and what committee should pass what by-law....  But we talk annually, once each year, if we are lucky, about "the least of these."

The question that has been floating in my head, especially of late, is "How I am any different than Tedi?"  He was born in Africa in a small village on the Sudan border to a mother with five older children who had lost her husband to a preventable disease.  I was born in Somerset, KY to parents, then married, and went home to lead a middle class life.  The only difference....we born in different places.  I did not deserve more than him....He did not deserve less.  But here we were, worlds apart. 

When we talk about the "least of these", we must first realize we, indeed, are the least of these.  Just as orphans need a family, we need a Savior.  What if Jesus had not stepped in for us and saved our lives....  What if? Usually it is difficult to digest the thought of children dying, both physical and emotional deaths, so we turn away, file it in the back of our mental junk drawer.... OR we only talk about it once per year. 

As I have written before, I am in a constant state of knowing I can and should do more.  Last week in church we sang "Hosana" and one line from the bridge goes... "Break my heart for what breaks yours..."  My heart is broken and yet I feel paralyzed by my own inadequacies and inability to do more.  I am daily challenging myself to do more.... I NEED to and  I MUST.

SOOOO..... What am I doing?  What can you do?  First, I am mothering a child who WAS adopted.  He is now my child.  I am standing in the gap for him, defending him, mothering him to love others.  Can you adopt.....because chances are if you have found my blog and have read this far, you have something stirring inside of you, aching in your stomach, moving you to step forward.....  I am speaking and writing about adoption every time I can.  Beth Moore, Russell Moore, David Platt, I am not.  But I can do my part.  Can you defend the least of these....  I need to do more, that is why I can challenge you.  I only hope the small things that I have done and am trying to do are making small changes and examples for those around me.

I am blessed that the church we attended today focused on orphan care. They intend to move forward and pursue orphan care, here and abroad, as an important facet of their ministry. And I intend to be involved in this ministry.  Will you start a ministry at your church? Will you get involved?

I can not change the WORLD, but we have changed the world for ONE.  More importantly, this ONE has changed our world and our world perspective.....  Will you cause change and be changed?

Yesterday, our adoption agency, Arise for Children, hosted their annual fellowship.  Fellow adoptive family and our friends, the Marquis Family (team marquis blog), drove in from Green Bay, Wisconsin for the event. Their daughter, Grace Hiwot, is from Tedi's village and came home from Ethiopia on the same plane.  They were elated to see one another....I know he is missing her today.  It does not get much better than this picture. They are are orphans no more.

Lastly, I know several people have commented to me and JT that they have enjoyed reading my recent blog posts.  I must say the words I type are not my words, but God's.  I would like to give credit, jokingly, to my English major, but honestly He has given me the words to say.

****Today, I am thankful that we have settled on a church for our family. 

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