Monday, November 15, 2010

Ornaments....tis the season

 I have had several emails asking about our ornament sales from our fundraising season last year....  So here are a few thoughts on ornaments....

1) First: I think ornaments are the single best fundraiser for this time of year....Granted, that is only my opinion, but our results were fantastic.  God blessed our ornament sales and we sold over 600.  It is the time of year that people are into giving.  Ornaments are in season.  Selling them now combine the Christmas season and the season

2) Advertising: Use your email contacts, Facebook, friends, and your blog, if you have one.  Display them at church and ask your church family to get the word out!  There is a large adoption community, whether you are adopting domestically or internationally.... Other adoptive families "get it" and will step and help.  Trust me.  Post pictures, spread the word...and as I have said before, do not set limits on God and trust Him to help you!

3) Ask for Help: When making your ornaments, ask your friends and church family to help.  Pick a night, make some snacks and have friends help you.  Not only does it give you extra hands, but makes for a night of fun and fellowship.  Also, it will give your friends a bit of ownership in your process and they will get just as excited as you during each set of your process...ESPECIALLY when the little one comes home.

Below I posted a picture of our ornaments and an ornament being sold on another blog.  If you are another family and would like me to post your pictures, please let me know.

our ornaments from last year (see Nov 09 posts for more pictures)
one of the four ornaments from Embracing the Least of These (

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