Monday, November 15, 2010

More Fundraising Ideas.....  and Giving Gifts that Give

A twofold post....for those seeking ideas to fundraise, below are some great ideas (and there are many more). For those looking to give great gifts at Christmas and give back to those adopting, please consider checking out these blogs and many many more to find cool gifts and help out!

Cloth wreaths...I really dig these

Making these awesome signs...I am very tempted

(a sling made by an adoptive mom)

She makes these bags, wall art, key fobs, tshirts and much much more.  Check her out!

This lady is fabulous.  She made me four pendants for Christmas last year and is very expedient.

Some more cool ornaments

These are our friends, The Borders.  They have friends and are adopting....CHeck out their candle holders.  We love ours! Plus, they are getting ready to debut some cool tshirts!

The Marquis's daughter, Grace, was Tedi's friend in Ethiopia.  She continues to fundraise to support work in Africa!  We love her and Tedi and I love our necklaces!

Feeding the Orphans....(blog to the right).  This a website run by a young girl whose family is currently in Ghana bringing home siblings.  She said "why do we eat like kings and queens when they have nothing to eat.?" and thus started her own mission to "feed the orphans"  What an amazing girl.  These are her new shirts and there are many colors

Cool T-Shirt Colors!

I can not say enough about their work and their items...they are helping to fundraise with their shirts now.  You won't regret checking this one out. (below is their infant and toddler shirt)

If you want me to add your fundraiser to my blog, PLEASE message me or email me at  We are open to answer any questions.  If I take a few days to get back to you, I apologize.  My work is busy right now so it may make a day or two!  (That is why I blog three times in one day but maybe not again for 3 days!)

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