Sunday, October 3, 2010


When I wrote the post about the losses we have had in our family, I did not anticipate another.  On Saturday, September 25, the day before my grandfather's funeral, my Grandma Morris passed away.  It has been a rough couple weeks for us, to say the least.  We drove to Somerset on the 25th for Grandpa's funeral, which was on Sunday. Then we drove back to Louisville on Sunday, but headed back to Somerset on Monday for my grandma's visitation.  Her funeral was Tuesday then we headed back home.  It was both physically and emotionally exhausting.  I will miss my Grandma very much as I spent quite a bit of time with her during my year and a half in Somerset.  She was so funny in the times we had together, though demanding, and I loved her.  So I guess they are comes in threes.

Because of all that has gone on, I have faultered on my picture taking goals....but here are a few fun ones from the last several days.

 Soccer team

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  1. So sorry for your losses, Natalie! I prayed for you today.