Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Moment....

I am sitting here tonight with Tedi in bed and JT out having coffee with his friend Phillip. The stillness is strange to me.... The boys actually met me at work this evening so we could visit Dawit Armstrong (Armstrong Adventures blog to the right) because he just had his cleft palate surgery and circumcision. Poor little guy! Tedi did not really get it but it was great to see James and Britney.

I am feeling so blessed right now. Though I am tired from work, I love my job. JT is loving his job. Tedi is learning and changing so so fast. JT said at school Tuesday morning a little boy jumped out of the car and yelled "TEDDDIII". Tedi turned and ran back to the boy, we now know is Jax, and gave him a big hug! How awesome is that!?! Now that his language is progressing.....he talks ALLLLLL THE TIME. He does not stop. He wakes up chatting and goes to bed the same way. It just amazing. I am totally and completely in love.... and I am in love with my husband. In my absence while at work, JT does such an amazing job as a daddy.
Thank you JT.... I love you.


  1. So sweet, Natalie! I also love to see my boys interact with their friends...and especially their Daddy...does a Mama's heart good! Hugs!

  2. i agree... nothing quite like seeing daddies with their kids! love it!