Monday, August 30, 2010

A Few Updates .......
I have been MIA for several days because of my crazy work schedule. I have a few minutes right now before going into work at 930 tonight while Tedi watches Lion King. (He loves it.)

Sunday.... Just being silly with mommy before she goes to work...Since I am the one usually behind the camera... I love this boy.

more and more and more lines of cars

Saturday.... I managed to stay awake well over twenty four hours to spend the day with my two favorite men.... We started the day having breakfast at Toast in downtown Louisville, where a lot of coffee was consumed by ME.... The best part of our day was the African Adoption social hosted by Highview Baptist church. There were so many many Ethiopian children playing together. One family just returned with five siblings from Ethiopia that were in the same orphanage as Tedi. He was able to play with them and had a great time. We then went to the Gap because I had purchased the $25 and get $50 worth of clothing... From there, we headed the fourth bday party of Maysen McClain, a beautiful little Ethiopian girl. We went through the process with her family. There was an inflatable water "thing", which Tedi loved..... Enjoy the pics.

Being silly with Daddy at the Gap

African Social: Soccer was a big focus!!!!
The beautiful

Tedi with his buddy, Hassan

Friday...... Before I went to work, we went with JT's parents, brother, and his wife to Famous Dave's to take JT's dad out for his bday. Tedi loves Pop and had a great time

And we learned he LOVES corn on the cob

Before work, I talked JT and Tedi into shopping with me. They were having a huge consignment sale here in Louisville called Little Treasures. It was all fall and winter clothing and shoes, as well as toys, jackets, cribs and basically anything you could think of. We did get Tedi some winter clothes. However, his favorite purchase were the Kangaroo shoes we found for him. He wanted to wear them immediately! Daddy showed him how to put money in them and everything!!!! He will only wear them now. His school does not allow laces so tomorrow should be interesting...

Wednesday..... Random Picture before going to Awana

Tuesday..... After Tedi's first day of school, he went to his first baseball game with Daddy, Pop and D. JT said he was restless after a few innings but loved the time he was there. The boys in front of him caught a foul ball and gave it to him! He got arm bands and a bobble head and gave Buddy Bat a high five!

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