Saturday, July 24, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

My son is my husband. They do not share genetics. They do not share skin color....WHATSOEVER. But not only does he have behaviors like JT, he wants to be him. To get Tedi to wear a polo shirt, I asked JT to do so. Well, now Tedi wants to wear any semblance of what JT is wearing. For example, as I type this at bedtime, they are both in long sleeve blue tshirts and mesh shorts. (Though JT does not share Tedi's love for socks). Tonight, JT was going to the grocery and offered to take Tedi with their matching green and white polos, jeans, and flip flops. Tedi said, "Car. Daddy, yes. Tedi, yes. Mommy, no." It was cute to see them head out together. JT is such a great daddy....of course JT loves him.

Tedi is adjusting well. He is still afraid of dogs, but only if they look at him. He will pet them if they don't look at him....Can't explain it. He will not eat ice cream, which breaks my heart as a sweets lover. He loves swimming; we went again today. He did not want to leave! We do have some issues here and there. The more he learns English, the easier it is to circumvent these issues.

Despite wanting to be like daddy, he is a fan of the white coat that my mom got for him. It says "Dr. Tedi Henderson". He hangs it on the back of his chair at the table, like I do. It is so very cute.

Checking daddy's eyes with my pen light

a nightly occurrence
Too Cool


  1. love your updates! you all look so happy.

  2. You all look so happy! I love reading your updates. Grace (Hiwot) loves to see Tedi's pictures. Hope all is well. Email when you have some "free" time :)

  3. Thank you guys! Today was a rough day in the Henderson family with some tantrums and stubborness!!! It makes it harder that he is so cute.