Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Helping Others Fundraise: CANDLES

Our friends from college, Jenny and Stuart Borders, have decided to embark on the adoption journey and are going to Ethiopia as well. Stuart works at Living Hope Baptist in Bowling Green and Jenny is a former teacher now stay at home to their 18 month old twins. Yes, you read correctly, twins. They have been so supportive of our adoption and we want to do the same for them. Please check out their blog to the right Patroling the Borders (I do not know how to make the words connect...not that savvy, sorry.) They are selling small candle holders with etched glass to raise funds for their home study and adoption. They are only $10/each and are beautiful. You can email Jenny at jennyborders@gmail.com or me at nataliehenderson21@yahoo.com and I will put her in touch with you. I posted some pictures below! Again, check out their blog for more info! (as adoptive families, I believe we are called to help others traveling the labyrinth of adoption, whether by financial means or general support....here is just on opportunity.

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