Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Day of Work
My last days at my job in Somerset were bittersweet. I was so happy to be moving to our new home, to be living with JT again, to be starting my residency.....but I was living with my dad and spending time with him, I was hear to my grandmother who health is waxing and waning, and I had made great friends at my job at Lake Cumberland Neurosurgical Clinic. Despite the drama of lots of women and patients with back pain, I fell in love with the people and made lifelong friends. I was so blessed that Drs. El-Naggar and El-Kalliny gave me a job in a down economy. God truly blessed me with this job and these people....
my desk decorated when I arrived (this was tough for Alisha and Angel since they are both diehard University of Kentucky fans)

Many, but not all, of the girls in my office (back l to r: Chelsea, Valerie, Amanda, Fahreta, Kim, me, Alisha; front: Angel, Kathy and Sherri)

Same girls, minus Chelsea and plus Joy and Kamil on the right (Joy underwent neck surgery three days prior but insisted on coming to tell me bye)

me with Dr. El-Naggar, one of the two neurosurgeons

Me with the red velvet cake Angel lovingly made for me.

Some of the fabulous food from the day

Amanda, me and Fahreta
me with Dr. El-Kalliny, the other surgeon


  1. Natalie, Dr. El Naggar did surgery on my mom 2x. He is wonderful! Good luck with your upcoming weeks. I am looking forward to reading more about your residency and your new arrival too.

  2. He is really great! Thank you for the well wishes. We are so excited!