Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The day finally came.... my official medical school graduation. I actually walked across the stage. The program was well organized and the keynote speaker was good. The day was brutally hot, especially in the cap and gown. I can not put into words what a big day this was. Enjoy the pics.

me and my dear friend Eunice
me and Christine

with JT's mom and dad

with Kim, my long time room mate

With JT's family, Denise, Daniel, Jim, Sharon

me and JT
me with my family that attended, Aunt Pam, Uncle Joe, Bob, and my mom
Everyone that attended
me and JT
My family
JT's Family


  1. CONGRATS Nat! It seemed like just yesterday we were at youth camp in Georgia breaking down on the side of the road...as we always did! Excited for this chapter of your life to end and yet some pretty amazing new chapters are soon to start. Love ya...

  2. How AWESOME! You should be so proud of yourself! It looks like you had a great graduation. You have been one busy lady...try to relax as much as you can now...the ride is going to get even more exciting!!!! Talk to you soon!
    P.S. I LOVE that doll you got for Tedi!!!

  3. Thanks Jeff! It has been a while with a lot of change. I MUST meet Ellie soon!

  4. YEAH!!! Congratulations Natalie! You have been a very busy lady. Take a deep breath and get ready for your next adventures! Can't wait until your shower on Saturday!!

  5. Congratulations!
    Just one person missing from your ceremony... But he'll be home in less than a month!

  6. Congratulations!! What a HUGE achievement!