Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2: Arriving in Ethiopia

JT arrived in Ethiopia today. He sent me a text last night around 1am that he was in Germany and today mid-afternoon that he was in the hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Unfortunately, he did not have a good signal on the Internet so we were unable to Skype on the computer. We exchanged a few texts and then he was off to dinner with the other families who are in country. At about 4p he sent another text saying the Internet was not working. I could not resist and called him......for one minute and forty three seconds. It was worth it!!! He sounded tired and said he was. I am glad so that he can try to get on their time schedule.

He said the flights went smoothly as did the visa and money exchange at the airport and the hotel check in. On the flight from Chicago to Germany he was seated in the middle seat of the middle row....uncomfortably. However, fortunately for him the other two people got off that flight and he had the row to himself. I pray that he is able to rest tonight and tomorrow because he picks up Tedi on MONDAY!!!!!!

I will be honest. I greatly miss my husband.....oh I miss him so much. But somehow, by faith, I will make it through. Please keep JT in your prayers! Thank you.

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