Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cookout for Little Man

About six weeks ago, JT's cousin Brian and his wife Heather approached JT about having a cookout for us. Well, it all came together and yesterday they hosted a cookout for us at their home just outside of Louisville. Approximately eighty people showed up and we raised lots of moolaaaa...I don't even know how to spell that. God has truly, truly blessed us. Almost all of JT's family came in support of us. Several adoptive, both those with their children here and those waiting, from our agency and another agency came to support us. Then, several of my dear friends from high school, yes high school, made the trip. We are so blessed both in our adoption and those around us!
Me (not a flattering pic) with Hensley Hannah, left, and Bennett Gibson right

Hensley ( got ahold of some cake, thanks to JT's aunt.... His mommy was not there because she was in Ethiopia to get his sister, Hollis.

The Maynards (

Brooke and Bennett Gibson ( he got in a quick nap

My high school friend Kebra on the right with her daughter Laken and her friend Jenna. Her husband is a Louisville Metro he was tired from Thunder.

The Armstrongs (

Denise and Daniel, my sister in law and brother in law

Phillip Mullins, JT's best friend, and two of his girls, Amelia and Annie

Vince Monks and his girls.... they are adopting as well

My girl Jacqueline and her man, Chris

Jeremy and Danette McClain and Morgan

Me and my lil girl Stella Fox

Everyone enjoying the day

Our dear friends, the Fox family

JT and his buddy Camden Maynard

The Maynard boys swinging

JT and me with Bill and Joyce Wickersham....they are like grandparents to him.

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  1. YEAH! Thats a lot of money!! I am glad it went so well.