Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adoption Update: No Change

Unfortunately, we do not have any new updates to give. Trust me, I wish I did. We are now almost eight weeks into waiting for a court date....well rather passing court because now we do not know when our court date even is. The waiting is not easy, but I am daily coming more at peace in the wait. I have been a harder sell than JT. It has really hit lately that God has played such an intricated part in every detail of our adoption......why would He stop now? We did get one new picture this week and possibly more to come. "T" is so cute. You all will just love him. We are very blessed and have not even met him. There is another family going this weekend to get their daughter who is in the same orphanage. She is going to check on him...shoe size, clothing size and such. I am very pleased! Please continue to pray for us and for him.



  1. Hi Natalie and JT! My name is Sharon Rivers and I'm an adoptive mom. I got to your blog through the Shadt's blog, but we really know the Gibson's. We adopted domestically and I have a blog about our journey (not a "continuing" one just a place to hold our story and send people to so I won't have to type it in emails a gazillion times:) I have a few domestic adoptive families linked to our blog, but would like to add some international ones as well. Would you be willing to let me link your blog to mine? We try to keep ours Christ-centered and look for other folks who see adoption from the eternal perspective...not just the "Branjelina" do good perspective. ;)
    Please feel free to check out our blog!
    and our "ongoing" blogs

    So excited to hear you guys have been matched with precious "T"... you will be there in no time with him in your arms!!


  2. It was wonderful to talk to you tonight! We are praying for a successful court date very soon!

  3. Praying for you guys to hear something soon! We have a new t-shirt design. If you know of anyone interested in African orphan awareness, check it out on our blog. Thanks!


  4. Kristie~ I will definitely check it out. I will post your blog on here if that is okay.

    Kasey~ Great to chat. Call me or email me anytime. nataliehenderson21@yahoo.com

    Sharon~ Absolutely. you can definitely link our blogs.