Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Week.....

As you may have read, we found out on Thursday that I matched at the University of Louisville pediatric residency program which is through Kosair Children's Hospital. This was my first ranked choice and I/we feel very blessed to be there. I remember about two years ago JT and I were driving in downtown Louisville and I told that could never match at UofL because they would never take me... Well, I proved myself wrong....rather God proved me wrong. The program is three years for general pediatrics, but knowing that I want to specialize, I will have to add three more years to that. I start residency orientation on June 21, 2010 and officially begin residency on July 1, 2010. Now, we are praying that JT finds a job quickly and the right housing situation presents itself. We are looking for homes/apartments/condos to rent that will be affordable and appropriate once we get Tedi home. I can not tell you how excited we are about this. It is blatantly apparent to us that God is every detail of our lives right now...... and we know this because....

because.... JT has a job interview set up already and we found out Friday that we were awarded a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans.... Yes! It is such good news. If we raise $1500, they will match $1500. They encourage us to send fundraising letters but thankfully we already have a fundraiser planned. JT's cousin and his wife, Brian and Heather Smith, have planned a cookout fundraiser for us on April 18, 2010. It is a cookout with bingo and cornhole and a silent auction. Hopefully this will help us raise a portion of the $1500 towards the matching grant....Speaking of the cookout, we would like to extend the invitation to the cookout to everyone interested. If you are interested, please let me know ( and I will forward the invitation. We are very thankful for Brian and Heather and those like them who have been so giving and supportive in our adoption.

We are still waiting on a court date for Tedi. Rumor is if we have a court date by April 7 or 9 (both dates are being tossed around) that we will only have to travel to Ethiopia one time. However, we will not know anything for sure until we hear about a court date....until then we continue to pray for our little guy. Also, our pastor, Dr. Harmon, asked us to speak at the 9am church service next week. We originally spoke to the 11am service on a snow day so the early service was canceled. Because of scheduling, it worked out that we are able to speak this week. I pray God gives us the words for those that are there.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Again, let me know if you want to come to the cookout.


  1. Praying for that April court date! And congrats on Lousiville!

  2. There is lots to be excited about! Yeah! on getting the grant.

  3. So excited.. praying for you!

    -Christi & Leah @ Lifesong!

  4. Thanks Christi and Leah~ We are so happy and excited.