Friday, February 26, 2010

Dossier News......Align Center

We got an email late last night that our DOSSIER is en route to ETHIOPIA!!!!! We are so pumped and yet amazed. We had no idea it would be so fast. I guess God knew, but we didn't. Next step: pay the second $3000 fee in order to WAIT for a court date. Thankfully we are over half to the three thousand and will hopefully have the full amount once all of the t-shirts are paid for!!!!!! Once we have a court date (we do not know how long this takes), we pray to "pass court". Once you pass court, you travel to get your child, or in our case TEDI, in 4-6 weeks!

I am also excited because we are in Louisville this weekend for the Adopting for Life conference. We get to see our college friends Jenny and Stuart Borders (Patroling the Borders to the right). We are also going to meet The Armstrongs for the first time ever (armstrong adventures to the right) Then tomorrow after the conference we are heading the Lexington to meet one of my best friends, Jacqueline, for dinner....celebrating my bday a bit late. It is more like a birth-week for me this year since my in-laws took me to Cheesecake Factory last night for bday.

Sorry this is rushed. JT is kind of dragging me out the door. I still love him though!!!


  1. That's awesome Nat...we have some friends who will be there as well who recently adopted from Ethiopia (David and Lorie Craycroft. We're going to be in Louisville tomorrow as well celebrating Bryan's 14th birthday (can you believe that!)
    Enjoy the conference...if you haven't read Russell Moores book "Adopted for Life" it's a good one! I'm thinking he's one of the speakers this weekend. He was one of my professors when I was at SBTS.
    So excited for you guys, seems like things are progressing quickly. Can't wait to meet Tedi and for you to meet Ellie.

  2. Congrats to you!! This is awesome news indeed!!