Saturday, February 13, 2010

Busy Friday....

Yesterday was a busy, busy day.... I thought I would break it down by time:

8:00am: Fingerprinting at the USCIS office in downtown Louisville
8:15am: at Jefferson County Clerk's notary office to have the Home Study notarized
8:40am: left louisville and headed to Frankfort
9:45am: at the Kentucky Secretary of State's office to have our dossier state sealed
12:00pm: returned to Somerset and began making the three copies of the dossier
3:00pm: mailed the dossier and two copies to Arise, our adoption agency
6:00pm: first tshirt order is delivered
6:15pm: dinner with mom
8:30pm: sorting tshirts and packaging ones to be shipped.

Like I said, a busy, busy day. BUT a big day. OUR DOSSIER IS DONE!!!!!! It is now on its way to the agency. From there it will be sent to Washington DC (hopefully this week) to be sealed on the national level, then to Ethiopian Embassy and then to Ethiopia!!! I do not know how long this will take but I am praying by the beginning of March or soon thereafter it could be on its way to Ethiopia. Now, we just have to mail a $3000 check for the translation of the paperwork ASAP and another $3000 check for official referral fee. We should have the first check ready to mail this week and are praying our tshirt sales will continue and help with second fee very soon. After these amounts are paid, we just wait for a COURT DATE. Once we pass court, we will owe $3000 more to our agency and then have to pay for travel cost. Also, once we pass court, we will go get Tedi 4 to 5 weeks later. HOW AWESOME!!! So now, fundraising and waiting are on our agenda.... but like the quote in the previous post talked about ..... it is who we become in the waiting.
Thank your for support, everyone out there! We are so amazed at the outpouring of support and love. Thank you!!!

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