Sunday, January 31, 2010

Speaking on Adoption

Despite the crazy weather here KY, (see our previous post), we still spoke today at our church, First Baptist Church in Somerset. We ususally attend to the early, more contemporary service, but with the weather, there was only one service today. JT and I were interviewed by Pastor French Harmon about our journey that brought us to the point of adoption and then we were able to focus on how adoption has changed us. Thankfully, JT is much more of a talker than I am. Overall I felt it went very well. My dad and stepmother Terri, my uncle Dean and aunt Carol, JT's parents and brother and sister in law were there. Also, my co worker and dear friend, LaDale, and her boyfriend and his parents came to support us. My friend Sonya and her husband Matt were there along with our friend Meagan. My favorite little guy, Hensley, and his parents Curtis and Meredith were there to help us sell our ornaments. Kallie Rankin Bailey, one my best friends from high school, and her husband and step son came as well. SOOOO, despite the weather, we were thoroughly supported by those who love us.

After the service, we set up a table with our business cards (that say "Pray for Tedi" and our blog address), our Christmas ornaments, T-Shirt orders, and some pictures of Tedi. We were able to speak to many different people from church, most of whom we have never met. We are so blessed because by just standing there and selling ornaments, we were given $920. God really is wanting us to bring this little boy home. Granted, we still need about $8000 in agency fees and then travel cost, but we know that God is bigger than our finances!

Thank you First Baptist Church for allowing us to share our story and for your generosity. We do not deserve such blessings.


  1. I am so glad that everything went so great. I can't believe you raised that much money in one morning! (really I can) It's so exciting to hear about all the things the Lord is doing to bring Tedi home!

  2. that is wonderful! I love it when the Body of Christ rallies around those who are answering His call to bring one child out. I'm continuing to pray with you on this journey!