Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not a Coincidence.

So, we have a big task ahead of us this Sunday. JT met today with our pastor, French Harmon. The purpose of the meeting was to make him aware of our adoption and to ask for prayer during the process. The conversation progressed and at the end, JT and I were asked to give our adoption testimony to both church services on Sunday....our church has been doing a series testimonies as the sermons. The person who was supposed to speak this Sunday had to cancel today.. NOT a COINCIDENCE. The last two speakers have been a MLB player and UK basketball player and now there is us.... and I think.... what can we, two normal people, really say? But we have to have faith God will give us words to say. The pastor also wants to pitch our t-shirts and to bring some ornaments.... I never thought on the brink of February I would be painting Christmas ornaments but that looks to be our Friday night....

A little back story to us speaking.... last school year there were two Ethiopian exchange students living in our town of Somerset. Sadly, one of the boys tragically died in a drowning accident. The other boy, his friend, had the name Tedros. That is name of the little boy we are going to be getting. (I have not celebrated this yet on the blog. That is to come). I do not believe this is a coincidence. Now, in Ethiopia, they, the family who kept the boy that died, and our church are building a hospital in the boy's name. Not a coincidence.

Please be in prayer that the weather cooperates and everyone can make it to church on Sunday. I am both nervous and looking forward to it.

Another bit on T SHIRTS.... $15. First order and payment deadline: February 14.
Sizes (in mens): S-XXX (add $1 for 2X and 3X)
Children's sizes available and we are working on todders and infants


  1. I am praying for Sunday! let us know how it goes... it's always wonderful to spread the word about adoption! I'm so excited for you all and for sweet Tedros!

  2. i want to order 2 shirts- one for me and one for justin. S & XL. do i need to mail the check by the 14th?? an you send me the address again?