Tuesday, December 8, 2009


How beautiful are these children? This is Lincoln Yohannes,the smaller brother, and Camden Yishake, the big brother, showing off the ornaments we sent to them....and their sisters are very cute themselves!!! Lincoln and Camden's parents, Paul and Bethany, are the first two people to introduce us to Ethiopian adoptions, thus we are forever indebted to them. We have met these boys and they are two of the most precious children. Plus, they are great at advertising and modeling our ornaments!!! Thanks Bethany! Their blog address is http://carmadann.blogspot.com.
By the way, we have now sold 382 ornaments, if you can believe it. What a blessing!!!! All we can say is... God is good and keep the orders coming. We may be developing carpal tunnel syndrom but it will all be worth it in the end! You would not
believe the people who are stepping up to support us. There are friends that we have not heard from in years....contacts from high school that we have not seen since graduation. It truly in a humbling experience.


  1. These boys are cuties! I saw your link on Bethany's blog. We are also with Arise. I would love an ornament. Our little one is coming home in January! Do I place my order somewhere on the blog?

  2. You can email me specifics! My email address is nataliehenderson21@yahoo.com.

    I can put your little one's name and any details you want on it. They are $5 each and $3 to ship. Also, send me your name and address so we can get them out ASAP! Thank you!

  3. how sweet this family - 2 girls and 2 boys! Thanks for email to let me know about new post - I need to read your site more and see the beginning of "your" story!

  4. Cynthia~ They have three biological children (2 girls and a son) along with their two other boys! Thanks again for all of your support!