Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adoption News, Ornaments and Life!!

So I guess, unofficially, you can call me doctor. My last of medical school was on Wednesday, December 16,2009. What does this mean? Not much really other than I no longer have to do "school" stuff. I can't write prescriptions or see patients independently. But soon, I will have my diploma in hand (probably January or early February)! What's next, everyone asks? I will continue working for the neurosurgeons with whom I have been employed for several months. I will work there until I start my residency in June. In terms of my residency, I have been going through the interview process for residency position in pediatrics. I have interviewed eight places so far, with the most recent being yesterday in Savannah, Georgia. For those interested, the others are Dayton Children's in Ohio, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va, East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, Peyton Manning Children's in Indy, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, and now Mercer University in Savannah. It has been a long journey. I still have on more interview to go...East Tennessee State University in mid January. I am really exhausted but thankful to be blessed with so many opportunities. I am also so very blessed to be in the position to ALMOST be a pediatrician. I never thought I would come this far.

In other news, we mailed our first state side adoption fee of $4400 in on Monday. On Wednesday, we received our Dossier guidelines and packet and have started working on it. I will be real honest. The process is very daunting. I know that we have most of this paperwork put together already for our homestudy, but it still does not relieve the stress I feel from it. I guess this in combination with my residency decisions makes life a little more overwhelming right now. I just feel so amazed that the adoption process is going faster than I anticipated. On top of starting our dossier, we have our first two home study interviews on December 27 and at that time, we will schedule our in home visit. I just can't believe it! I guess I just want to see my child(ren)'s face(s). I want to know who they are. I want to pray for them by name. Yet, I know I could wait months for this. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for my child(ren) and enjoy watching those around me celebrate their adoptions.

In ORNAMENT news, we have now sold 469 ornaments!!!!!! I can't believe that in less than five weeks have sold that many. Our original goal was to sell 150. Can you believe that we have exceeded this?!?! I can't. I am thoroughly amazed. We are shipping out another batch on Monday and praying they get there by Christmas. We will take orders as long as people want them, though. Thank you if you have purchased an ornament or spread the word. Thank you so much.

We are at my mom's this weekend for Christmas. Her house is like Santa's workshop at Christmas with snowmen everywhere and food and gifts. I will definitely be taking pictures of this! Have a Merry Christmas if you have anything to do this weekend!

More Ornament Pictures (please keep sending them)

This is Caleb. He was adopted from Ethiopia over a year ago. His grandmother emailed me and bought an ornament that says "5 Million Minus Caleb." She does not live near Caleb so he is not pictured with his ornament but she wanted me to have a picture of him!

Spencer, left, and Kate, right, with their Christmas ornaments. I went to college with their parents, Jenny and Stuart Borders. They are eleven months old and doing so well! Yes, they are twins. Thank you Jenny for this picture.

Again, please send me a picture with your ornaments, whether you have kids or not. The reason being.... I am retying to collect these pictures so that we can put these together for a "life book" or scrap book for our future child. I don't scrap book but I will make one for our child(ren). I would really appreciate the pictures. You can just email them to

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